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Premiere Method-based Film Scene Study Classes*
in the tradition of the Actor's Studio
Taught by acting /audition coach Helen Kearney Konen
*Class admission by audition or continuing student
California trained Helen Kearney Konen was taught Method Acting by the late actor Mathias Reitz,
who studied alongside actress Anne Bancroft ,under the legendary
 Lee Strasberg in the original Actor's Studio in NYC. 
She has a B.A. in Theatre Arts from California State University Long Beach. She has coached and
 directed actors for over thirty years and is a film actor, audition coach and a member of the
Charlotte Film Community.

This Season!
We will incorporate more in-depth Method principles into the course of study,
taking the actors to the next level. If your actor has taken last season's class,
this is not a repeat of the last session.
The focus this season:
Interpreting Sides
Making Character Choices
Creating Back Story

At the end of the eleven weeks, actors will perform in an
ACTOR'S SHOWCASE for film makers, casting directors, agents
Showcase is professionally videotaped with three cameras for close shots

STUDIO ACTORS I     Start Date: September 11, 2013

Beginning Acting/Creating Character/ Improvisation  for Film, TV, Commercials
 ( Grades 3-5)       Wednesdays 4:30-6:15pm    $310

STUDIO ACTORS II         New Start Date: August 26*, 2013
*accounting for holidays

Intermediate Scene Study/ Script Interpretation,
In-Depth Character Development for Film, TV
(Grades 4-7)              Mondays 4:30-6:15pm     $310*
STUDIO ACTORS III     Start Date: September 10 , 2013

Advanced Scene Study/Script Interpretation/ In-Depth Method Acting
Intensive Character Development for Film, TV
(Grades 7-12)            Tuesdays 4:30-6:15pm    $310*

All classes end the week of NOVEMBER 18, with the Dress Rehearsal and Showcase on
Saturday Nov. 23.

*Sibling Discount
Classes are held at THEATRE CHARLOTTE, 501 QUEENS RD. Charlotte 28207
Adult classes are held at Myers Park Baptist Church, 1931 Selwyn Ave. Charlotte 28207
1.Email your actor's name, grade, class & day request
2. Go to www.settingthestagecharlotte.net, click "Classes"
3. Click  Class pdf
4. Please mail form, deposit of $75(non-refundable, but applied to tuition) in a check*,
 money order made payable to
 Helen Kearney Konen to address shown.
5. You will receive email confirmation of your secured seat*
*All actors, including returning students must register.
Thank you.

" THE STANDOUT AUDITION" 3 Week Intensive Workshop
For All Actors, at
Every Experience Level  (Adults/Mature Teens)
With Acting/Audition Coach
Mondays, 7-10pm  September 9-23


"THE STANDOUT AUDITION One Day Workshop for Preteens/Teens Saturday, September 14, 2-5pm Myers Park Baptist Church $65

What is keeping you from booking? When you walk into the audition room, with your 30 seconds in front of the casting director, are you completely confident that you're going to nail this audition?

You need an edge! Something that is going to set you apart from every other good actor who's auditioning for the same part.

This is a hard business. Your love of acting is not enough to win you roles.
You have to:
~ Know who this character is, hopefully matching the writer/director's vision
~Deliver your lines flawlessly, with absolute realism,
~Be memorable.
Tall order.

The right coaching will provide insight into the character, illuminating some characteristic or detail of the sides you might not have thought of, and will give you a fighting chance to make your audition a STANDOUT!!
That is what you're after: You have to be REMEMBERED!!

LAUREN YORK, Costar CBS Pilot "Anatomy of Violence"

"Helen Kearney Konen has changed the way I act and audition. Since Helen is also a scriptwriter, she is dead-on in interpreting sides. She  finds the character, stretching you as an actor, and then pulls out a totally believable performance. She will not settle for anything less. There is no coddling here...
If she doesn't believe you...she tells you . We actors need to hear the truth to grow.
I started booking after studying with her. Her words are in my head in every LA audition I do.
She will literally change your whole approach to acting and auditioning, and make you a much better actor. Period. I cannot recommend her enough."


"Helen Kearney Konen will find some insight into the character you had not thought of.
She is a gift to the serious actor."
CATHERINE TRAIL, Best Supporting Actress, NY/LA International Film Festival 2008

" Helen equips the actor with every tool necessary to be successful. If your acting has not been changed by this woman yet....what are you waiting for?"

"Helen really helps the actor understand the sides. She takes a personal interest in all of her actors, something that is rare in this industry!"
MARC SOPER, agent Carolina Talent Agency

"Helen is a thrill to work with. She's not afraid to think outside the box and jump into the deep end with you. I was excited to audition after working with her. If you haven't taken a workshop from her yet, you have to. One word.....amazing."
TONY BASILE, actor Reel Sisters Agency

When: Mondays 7-10pm  September 9-23
Where: Myers Park Baptist Church, 1931 Selwyn Ave. Charlotte, NC 28207
Cost: $130/3 weeks

TO REGISTER: Email   hkkonen@aol.com to receive registration instructions.

Helen Kearney Konen
704 540-7781
704 517-6186(c)

Helen Kearney Konen coaches for Auditions for
Episodic Television and Feature & Independent Films.
A member of the Charlotte Film Community

Don't forget your forms!

e-mail: Hkkonen@aol.com
or call Helen at:  704.540.7781  or  704.517.6186 to confirm placement in the class.  Download the appropriate form from above, complete the form, and send it to the address shown on the form, along with the registration deposit.
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